Adult Parties

adult parties

Please Call the Studio for Booking

Parties aren’t just for kids! Adults, ages 16 and up, may book a party for pottery, fused glass and glass painting. Our party area can be booked for groups sized from 8-16 persons. For groups larger than 16, please CONTACT US as we may be able to accommodate your group in the front of the studio. Contact us directly (rather than booking online) to discuss parties for adult groups larger than 16.

All guests at Adult Parties complete their project as they wish. As always, employees are available to assist with the projects. However, adult parties are not “taught” classes. Custom classes are available for those who want instruction in the same project. Please contact us for a Custom Party.

Pricing – 

       Flex Pricing: This is the most common option for adult parties. Each guest chooses and pays for their own project. 

       Set Pricing: This option works for the party host/hostess who wishes to pay for all or a portion of their guests’ projects.  You will arrange a set price, and upon arrival, we will let your guests know that amount. If they wish to spend more, we can arrange for your guests to pay the difference.

Minimum - Adult parties have a $200 minimum. Once your guests have all chosen a project, we will determine the total of the items. If the total is not $200, we will let you know immediately so you can change the pieces if you want in order to meet the minimum. If the minimum is not met once all the pieces are chosen, a room fee will be added equivalent to make up the difference. For example, if the items total $175, a room fee of $25 will be assessed. Most adults choose pieces between $25-$30, so groups of 8 or more typically meet the minimum requirement. 

Deposit -  When booking the party, you will place a $50 deposit to reserve the room. We will issue a $50 gift card and have it for you at the event so that you can use it to pay for your project. If there is any remaining balance on the card, it may be used for any other purchase that night or on a future visit. Note: if the minimum $200 fee is not met, the room fee may be taken off your deposit/gift card. 

Duration -  Adult parties are booked for 2 hours. If you think you may need additional time, you may book 1/2 hour before or 1/2 hour after the slotted time for $20 per half hour. If your party has not vacated the room 15 minutes after the slotted time, the $20 will automatically be taken from the deposit amount. 

Custom Parties -  HotPots will teach any group of 6 or more a pottery, canvas, glass painting or fused glass class in a design of your choice. Please CONTACT US for details.

Studio Rentals -  HotPots will open before or after regular operating hours for groups of 20 or more guests. CONTACT US for details, and we will help create your special event.

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